Put your cookie cutters to good use to create these stunning Christmas decorations with pearl and gold detail and Christmas greenery!


  • WHITE NON-FIRING CLAY , Matt deco in white 04 / amazonia green 115 / vivid pink 058
  • Deco Pearl in pearl of silk 101,Gilding flakes and Mixtion for gilding
  • Cookie cutters, Twigs from trees such as fir, conifer, etc.
  • A rolling pin and 2 long sticks of 5 mm in diameter,A thin, pointed stick or a toothpick (to punch the holes)
  • A knife, A piece of fine sandpaper, A small flat brush and a very fine liner brush
  • Tweezers, Fine ribbon to hang the decorations, letter stamps
Difficulty level: 
  • Medium 
  • Time to make: 2 hours of cutting out / 24 hours of drying time / 4 hours of colouring and finishing (with drying time between the layers of paint)

  • Cut a slice of about 3 cm from the block of WHITE NON-FIRING CLAY. Roll it out between the two chopsticks to ensure a uniform thickness.
  • Place the twigs onto the clay shape and continue to pass the rolling pin over the top, keeping the clay between the chopsticks, in order to push them into the clay. Then, carefully remove the twigs, and use a cookie cutter to press shapes onto the clay so that each piece has a print.

  • Cut the shapes out. 
  • (You can roll the clay scraps into a ball and roll them out again to make new shapes, but make sure there are no air bubbles or cracks that may crack when drying.)
  • With the thin stick or toothpick, make a hole at the top of the decorations so that you can hang them.  Make sure the hole is clear on both sides!

  • If you want, you can also add words using the letter stamps by pushing them down gently. 
  • Leave to dry for at least 24 hours, turning the decorations every 8 to 10 hours so that they dry on both sides. Be careful not to place them in somewhere too warm (such as on a radiator ) as they could crack!
  • Once the decorations are fully dry, gently sand them and then dust them off.

  • For the pearlescent version: Use the small flat brush to apply two coats of Deco Pearl in pearl on both sides, allowing 1 hour of drying time between each coat.
  • Then, use the liner brush to paint a thin layer of Deco Matt amazonia green over the imprints of the twigs. Paint the detail and the printed words in vivid pink. Leave to dry.
  • For the white and gold version: Use the small flat brush to apply two coats of Déco Matt in white on both sides, allowing 1 hour of drying time between each coat.

  • Then, use the liner brush to add a thin layer of gilding mixtion over the imprints of the twigs and the letters. Leave to dry for 15 minutes. Using the tweezers, place gilding flakes in the imprints and then use a small, flat brush (ensure it is completely dry) to gently tap the gilding into place. Let dry a little then remove the excess gilding by dusting with the small flat brush to reveal the patterns.
  • Using the same technique, you can also add gilding touches to the branches you've painted in green or on the pearlescent decoration. Do this by adding small drops of gilding mixtion in a random fashion, leaving to dry for 15 minutes, then adding the gilding flakes.

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