Wrap your loved ones' presents with this fabric gift wrap, made in the Japanese tradition, where you choose the motif using the marbling technique and our colours.


  • Marbling paints for textiles (in white, yellow, Bengal pink, emerald green and black)
  • Marbling bath, White cotton fabric scraps (or cut up an old sheet), A large rectangular basin (use a storage box, for example), A teaspoon, Combs, wooden sticks, chopsticks or similar to create patterns

  • Fill the basin with water up to a few centimetres, making sure to count the litres poured using a measuring jug. Add 2 teaspoons of the Marbling bath powder for each litre of water. Mix well with the spoon or the chopstick. Leave to stand for two hours so that the mixture thickens up.

  • Once the water has gelled, apply some drops of marbling paint using the pipettes provided with the pots: layer the colours, filling in all of the space. 

  • Create patterns in the paint to obtain the marble effect using a wooden toothpick or comb or similar.
  • Lay the fabric flat on the surface of the water, starting from one long edge and continuing little by little to cover the entire pattern. 

  • Gently remove the fabric, holding it from two corners. Hang it on a clothesline outside or over a bath. Quickly rinse the fabric with clean water to remove the excess gelling agent, taking care not to damage the paint. Leave to dry.
  • You can reuse the bath of gelled water several times, so you can try other patterns by adding different paints each time! 

  •  Iron each piece of fabric for a few minutes with a hot iron to fix the paint in place. 

  • Use the fabric to wrap your gifts using the Furoshiki technique - there are plenty of examples and tutorials on line! 
  •  Add a pretty label, ribbon or dried flowers to decorate. 

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