Gingerbread-style cardboard houses


Recreate a snow-covered Christmas village with these charming houses and place them on the fireplace or at the foot of the Christmas tree.

Products :

  • White acrylic markers with 1.2 mm and 5-15 mm tips, Thick brown cardboard
  • A Sheet of tracing paper, An LED candle, A Pencil, a cutter, a ruler and a cutting board, Liquid glue

  • Download and print the hou
  • You can enlarge them to the required size and use them as templates, or simply use them for inspiration and create your own designs! Draw out your designs on the cardboard.



  • Using the cutter, the ruler and the cutting board, cut out the outlines of the 3 houses and their roofs. Hollow out the door and windows of the smallest house.
  • Then, use a knife to score the folds on the houses, following the dotted lines.

  • Erase the pencil lines.
  • With the finest marker, draw the decor on the smallest house and its roof, taking inspiration from Christmas gingerbread houses. Don't hesitate to draw freehand with the marker. This will help you to replicate the look of icing on a traditional gingerbread house.

  • Use the thicker marker to add detail on the roof as if it were covered in snow.
  • Cut out some small pieces of tracing paper which are a little larger than the doors and windows. Glue them in place on the back of the cardboard so it looks like glass. 

  • Fold the house and glue the tabs at the bottom and on the side. Glue one of the roof sections down and leave the other free so that you can carefully slide an LED candle inside. 
  • Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the medium-sized house. 


  • Do the same for the largest house.
  • Assemble the two larger houses, leaving a section of the roof slightly open so that you can slip a little gift inside!


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