Illustrated Christmas tassel decorations


Create original pieces made of clay, draw vignettes inspired by Christmas stories and fill your tree with reindeer, teddy bears, winter scenes and more Christmas cheer!    


  • white non-firing clay,modelling tools (roller, toothpick),round cookie cutters or glasses of varying diameters,a pencil, a piece of fine sandpaper
  • Colorex inks in coral, Turkish red, burgundy, pink madder, emerald green, light green, greengold and olive,fine brushes,Skrib gouache markers, string 

  • Roll out the clay to about 2 mm in thickness. Cut circles in the clay using cookie cutters or glasses of different diameters.
  • Pierce a hole at the top of each circle, and also at the bottom on some of them. Model some small beads: some round, and others in droplet shapes. Pierce them using the toothpick. If needed, smooth all the shapes with your finger and a little water.

  • Let everything dry for 3 days.
  • If necessary, sand your pieces with the fine sandpaper once they have completely dried.

  • Drawing inspiration from the photos, create small vignettes in each circle. I took inspiration from the 'Michka' Christmas story and drew a teddy bear, a wren, a snowy forest, holly and mistletoe, Christmas reindeer, a sleigh filled with gifts and a Christmas stocking with a teddy bear.

  • Colour your drawings using the inks and fine brushes.
  • Highlight certain details with the Skrib gouache markers.

  •  Enjoy painting the beads and tassels in assorted colours and add cute patterns using the Skrib markers. Leave to dry.
  • Assemble each piece using strands of string and leaving a good length at the top to hang them onto the branches, or even suspend them to create a festive garland... 

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