Cardboard bunting


Make a classic bunting garland and use gouache to add a special, personalised touch! 

Products : 
  • T7 Extra Fine Gouache in covering white
  • T7 Extra Fine Gouache in silver 
  • T7 Extra Fine Gouache in olive green 
  • T7 Extra Fine Gouache in superfine carmine
  • Cardboard, Fine rope , Ruler
  • Wooden pencil, Cutter
Difficulty level: 
  • Easy
  • Time to make (excluding drying time): 4 hours

  • Measure and mark out several strips of cardboard of 12 cm in height. Then, mark every 16 and 20 cm, repeating this action until you reach the end of the strips.

  • Cut out the shapes with a cutter or scissors, depending on the thickness of the cardboard.
  • Draw stars on masking tape and cut them out. (Try making different templates with cardboard!) Place them onto the flags. They will be your stencil. You could also use pre-cut stencils.

  • Paint the rectangles with gouache using a roller, alternating the 4 colours. If you are using pre-cut stencils, it is necessary to tape them down well so that they do not move. (Tip: put a little repositionable glue under the stencil for a cleaner result.)

  •  Using a hole punch, punch 2 holes at the top of each rectangle and thread them onto the rope.

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