Painted pebbles


Invite nature and creativity into your home this Christmas! Paint these pebbles and enhance their natural shades using Déco matt in gold, fir green and ochre. 


Deco matt paint in gold
Deco matt paint in antique white
Deco matt paint in aniseed
Deco matt paint in forest green
Deco matt paint in amazonia green
Deco matt paint in ochre
Fine, flat brushes, Pebbles
Difficulty level
Very easy
Time to make (excluding drying time):4 hours

  • Select 10 pebbles, cleaning them if necessary.
  • Select 2 pebbles for each colour and paint a small part on one end, then leave to dry for 30 min.

  • Select half of the pebbles, 1 per colour, and paint the other end with a different colour, then leave to dry for 30 min.

  •  Using a thinner brush, draw golden lines in different places on each pebble. Then select 2 pebbles and paint the end in gold, then leave to dry for 30 min.

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