“Decorate your interior and exterior spaces with colourful lanterns using our Vitrea160 range! "

  • You will need to make a template in order to create your pattern: measure the inner diameter of the jar and its height and cut out the correct size on a piece of plain paper, then draw your lantern design with a marker pen, making sure that it fits below the mouth of the jar. 

  • Roll the template into a circle, insert it into the jar and fix it in place with a small piece of tape.
  • following your template, use the fan brush to paint a layer of colour with Vitréa 160 paint. Let it dry, then fix the paint in the oven according to the packet instructions.

  • Then draw your patterns with the Vitréa Relief, varying the colours as you wish.  Leave it to dry.

  •  Create your handle: cut a length of 30 cm of wire, form two small loops at each end and fold to create the shape of the handle.
  •   Cut another length of wire which is long enough to wrap around the mouth of the jar twice. Wrap this length of wire around the neck of the jar, threading it through the two handle loops each time. 
  • Check that the wire fits securely in the thread of the jar before knotting it tightly in place. The wire should fit snugly on the thread of the jar and keep the handle securely in place. Place a candle inside the jar

WARNING! If you are using candles with a real flame, do not leave the lanterns unattended once lit, and be sure to extinguish the candles before the wick reaches the bottom of the lantern once the candle has been fully consumed.


  • Transparent glass jars with a neck and screw thread (to hang the lantern)
  • VITRÉA 160 45ml: 21 bright pink / 11 turquoise
  • VITRÉA RELIEF: 63 turquoise / 64 lazuli / 67 pearl
  • A flexible fan brush
  • Fine wire and wire cutters
  • A pattern, drawn on paper, which matches the size of the jar

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