Tray Decorated Hearts



  • DECO SPRAY colour pastel purple 15 / light pink 07 / white 01 / pearly lilac 64 / red 11
  • A melamine tray
  • Heart patterns
  • Thin cutting card for stencils
  • A pencil / scissors / a utility knife
  • Thin plastic cover and protective gloves / cloth
  • Fine sandpaper
  • Masking tape
Difficulty level: 
  • Difficulty: average 
  • Time to make: 1 day in several stages (1 hour of preparation then drying time between the different colours) 

  • Lightly sand the tray with the sandpaper to remove the shiny surface then rinse thoroughly to remove all the dust and wipe dry.
  • Protect your workspace, put on protective gloves and spray-paint the tray with the pastel purple colour.
  • Apply a first coat, leave to dry for 2 hours then apply a second coat, leave to dry for 2 hours.

  • Spray a thin layer of the other colours onto the sheets of paper.  These coloured sheets of paper will be used to make colour templates for the arrangement of the overall pattern.
  • When it's dry, cut out your different heart shapes from each coloured sheet.
  • With the thin cardboard cut out pieces a little larger than the size of the hearts.
  •  Draw a heart shape on each piece with a pencil and cut out with a utility knife.

  • Taking inspiration from the model and depending on the size and shape of your tray, experiment with placing the hearts on the tray to visualize the whole pattern.
  •  When you are satisfied with the result, fix the hearts in place with a small piece of tape.

  • Start by spray-painting the hearts with the same colour.
  • Replace the paper hearts with the corresponding stencil and secure the stencil with small pieces of tape.
  •  Then protect the rest of the tray with a piece of plastic cover by hollowing out around the stencils. 
  • Tape the plastic cover around the stencils so that there are no gaps. 

  • Then spray-paint the hearts in a thin layer. Leave to dry for 2 hours. Carefully remove the plastic cover and stencils.
  • Repeat the process with the other colours. 
  • Leave it all to dry for at least 12 hours before using the tray.
!! Clean with water and a non-abrasive sponge!!

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