Resin Keyring


Matériels : 

  • Geometric board silicone moulds n°2
  • Bio-based Crystal resin kit
  • Fluid Pigment colour pink 65 / white 61
  • Glitter powder / small stars / hearts cut out from different pieces of paper
  • Toothpicks or small sticks
  • Small glass jars
  • Metal rings
Difficulty level: 
  • Difficulty: easy 
  • Time to make: 3 days in several short stages in order for the resin to dry completely 


  • Mix 1 part hardener and 2 parts resin in a small glass jar. Mix thoroughly and pour half of the mixture into a second small jar. 
  • In the first pour glitter powder and mix again. Leave to stand for 5 minutes so that the bubbles disappear then pour into a mould.
  • In the second pour 1 drop of white Fluid Pigment and half a drop of pink. Mix thoroughly to evenly distribute the colour in the resin. Leave to stand for 5 minutes so that the bubbles disappear then pour into a mould.

  • Distribute the resin well, remove any bubbles with a small stick and leave to rest flat for about 6 hours (depending on the room temperature, the setting time will be longer or shorter)

  • When the resin has become syrupy and sticky but not yet set, gently place small hearts and stars on the surface.
  • Remix the resin in the same way as before, then spread a thin layer of clear resin on the surface of the moulds. 
  • If the small shapes have moved, put them back in place by pushing them gently with the stick, trying to stay on the surface of the new resin and not push the stick in too much. 

    • Leave to dry flat for at least 24 hours.
    • Then when the resin has set, gently unmould the shapes that are still soft. Leave to harden flat on the back of the moulds or on a piece of parchment paper for another 12 to 24 hours depending on the temperature of the room.
    • When the resin is fully hardened, put on a ring.

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