Clay pots


Try your hand at pottery to create some new Christmas decorations. These small pots with their painted graphic prints will add festive spirit to your home throughout the holiday season!


  • Black and/or white non-firing clay
  • Modelling tools
  • Moon Fantasy paint in gold
  • Moon Fantasy paint in silver
  • Moon Fantasy paint in ebony
  • Moon Fantasy paint in sand
  • Waterproofing agent, Modelling tools, Brushes
  • White spirit, Rolling pin, Glass jars in varying sizes
  • Gel (for example Vaseline)
Difficulty level:
  • Medium
  • Time to make (excluding drying time): 4 hours

  • Roll out the clay to a thickness of about 8 mm using a rolling pin.

  • Cut out a rectangle of the same height and circumference as your chosen glass jar.

  • Use the gel on the outside of the pot (this will help to unmould more easily afterwards) then roll the clay rectangle around it. Cut off the excess clay and close and smooth the shape with water and the modelling tools.

  • Unmould and use the jar as a circle-shaped cutter (using the bottom of the jar).

  • Place the clay circle into the cylinder and seal with slip (water + clay) (for better adhesion, try making small notches in the clay).

  • Cut out a small rectangle to create our character's nose. Make a few small incisions at the back then dampen and stick onto the pot where you want the nose to be.

  • Draw the rest of the face and some geometric patterns on the pot using modelling tools and anything else you may have to hand (toothpicks, sticks).
  • Leave to dry for four days. 

  • Apply waterproofing to both the inside and outside of each pot.

  • Paint the jars with Moon Fantasy paint. A generous coat will suffice, then leave to dry thoroughly for 10 hours. 

  • The pots are now ready for their plants.

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