Play with texture and iridescence by upcycling old glass into elegant festive vases, which are perfect to decorate your Christmas centrepiece!


  • Clear glass vases or bottles, Decospray in colours Christmas green 723 / white 701 / pearl 761
  • Fantasy Moon in colours emerald 18 / pearl 20 / sand 15 / gold 32, Deco 3D Effect in gold 43
  • Acrylic Marker (0.7 mm tip) in precious gold 357, Protective tablecloth and gloves
  • White spirit (or paint thinner), Flat brushes for effect painting
Difficulty level : 
  • Difficult
  • Time to make: 1 hour for the preparation of the media and the first layer of spray paint / 24 hours of drying between each layer of spray paint / 2 hours to paint the effects / 12 hours of drying for the effect paint / 1 hour of drawing and decorating (trees and stars) / 2 hours drying time

  • Wash the glass thoroughly so that there are no traces of grease or dust that could prevent the paint from adhering properly.
  • Protect your workspace and spray your vases and bottles using the Deco Spray paints : 2 coats of green, leaving to dry for 24 hours between the two coats, or ,2 coats of white followed by 2 very thin coats of pearl, leaving to dry 24 hours between each coat.

  • When all your vases and bottles are dry, paint the bottom half with the Fantasy Moon paints.
  • Use the flat brushes to create a landscape by drawing stripes of differing thickness with the four Fantasy Moon colours: emerald, pearl, sand and gold.

  • The Fantasy Moon paint must be applied in generous layers so that the hammered effect is clearly visible and to achieve the drips which connect the different colours to create your landscapes.
  • Allow to dry for 12 hours, away from dust.

  • Next, use Deco 3D effect in gold directly from the tube to draw trees all around the vases and bottles, just above the Fantasy Moon effect. Then, draw the border between the Fantasy Moon effect and the part painted with Decospray using a series of small dots and lines to create the tree trunks and connect the greenery with the ground. Leave it to dry for 2 hours.
  • Using the Acrylic Marker in precious gold, draw small stars on the upper part of the vases.

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