"Discover how to make a candle decorated with dried flowers using the Gédéo range"

  • Prepare a bain-marie to melt the wax pellets in the jar.
  •  Once the wax has melted, grate a little green colouring on a sheet of paper (warning, it stains!) and add a pinch into the liquid wax.
  •  Mix well with the spoon to distribute the colour.

  • Stick the wicks to the bottom of the ramekin by quickly dipping the metal tab in the molten wax.
  •  Spread the flowers around the ramekin to prepare your composition: arrange the colours and shapes, cut stems of 1 or 2 cm.
  • Then pour the coloured wax up to 1 centimetre from the top of the ramekin
  •  Wait a few minutes for the wax to set a little, but before it sets, put the flowers into place.

  • Press the stems into the wax near the edge of the ramekin, then sprinkle petals.
  • Apply a little pressure using your finger to enable them to set in the wax.
  • Let the candle fully cool
WARNING do not place the flowers too close to the wicks, as they may ignite when you light your candle.

Level of Difficulty: 

Drying time: Several hours

Time of realization : 30min

Difficulty: Medium


  • Candle wax, 2 or 3 wicks depending on the size of the container, candle colouring
  • a pretty bowl or ramekin into which to pour the candle
  • A saucepan, glass jar, spoon, knife,
  • dried flowers

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