Create your own stamps to print your own Christmas motif onto place mats or a tablecloth. 

Material :

  • SETACOLOR LIGHT TONES colour 49 fuchsia / 04 meadow green 
  • SETACOLOR GLITTER colour 202 emerald / 208 gold
  • Placemats 
  • an engraving resin plaque and gouges in different formats
  • a fine flat brush and a fine pointed brush

  • Copy the fir branches and transfer them to the resin plaque to be engraved. With the gouge, outline the shapes by digging around.
  • Test the print on scrap fabric to make sure there are no raised parts left outside the pattern.

  • Dab the fir branches on the placemats: apply a thin layer of meadow green with the flat brush on the pad and print it on the fabric.
  •  Position the prints to compose your design. Leave to dry.
  • With a pointed brush, enhance the branches with the emerald green and gold glitter colours. Leave to dry.

  • Use the flat brush to draw berries with the fuchsia colour. Leave to dry then make little highlights with the gold glitter colour.
  • Leave to dry and set the designs with the iron.

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