"Make your own decorative candle to enhance your Valentine's Day dinner"

Materials : 

  • Candle wax, wick, wax colourants, vanilla scent candle scent

  • A saucepan, small glass jars (like yoghurt pots), a spoon, a knife
  • A glass to pour the candle: wide and straight
  • Heart-shaped cookie cutters, a piece of baking paper

  • Melt the wax pellets in the small jars in a bain-marie.
  • Once the wax has melted, grate a little red and purple dye. Add a small pinch in one of the jars, two pinches in another jar three pinches in the last, to achieve a gradient. In a last jar, add a pinch of violet.
  • Pour a drop of vanilla scent in each jar
  • Mix well with the spoon to distribute the colour and scent.

  •  Stick the wick to the bottom of the glass by briefly dipping the metal pellet in the molten wax, and fix it well in the centre of the glass.
  • Pour the darkest wax into the bottom of the glass. Wait until it sets a little to add the second colour, then the third. 
  • Make sure the wick remains centred. Finish with a thin layer of purple wax. Leave it to cool completely (at least overnight) before removing the candle from the mould.


  • If necessary, clean the top of the candle with a knife to remove wax residue and get a clean edge.
  • On a flat sheet of baking paper, pour the rest of purple wax to form a small disc a few millimetres thick. 

  •  Wait a minute for the wax to set, then cut out hearts with a cookie cutter. Leave to cool completely before loosening the hearts.

  • Pour hot water into the glass and place a small wax heart against the side to soften it and mould it to the shape of the candle, then fix it on the candle while the back is still soft.
  •  Do the same with the other hearts to decorate your candle.


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