Use ribbon and a few acrylic markers in your favourite shades and you can make unique Christmas baubles in no time!

  • ACRYLIC MARKERS (1.2mm and 4mm tips): colour white / precious gold / green / magenta / GOLD PAINT
  • Christmas baubles in assorted colours and pretty ribbons 
  • Masking tape
  • A small flat brush
  • White-spirit for the gilding 

  • On a few baubles, define a strip in the centre with the masking tape. 
  • Paint the strip using the gold paint. Let it dry and then remove the masking tape. 

  • Use the markers to draw the patterns, taking inspiration from the models or your own Christmas drawings.
  • You can help yourself by lightly tracing your pattern with a pencil. The line will disappear under the colour.
  • Be careful to let it dry before drawing your designs on top.
  • Thread pretty matching ribbons.

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