Butterfly puzzles


To create personalised puzzles in contrasting colours, all you need is a little gouache to let pretty butterflies emerge from their cocoons and fly! 

 Materials : 

  • Primacolor gouache
  • Skrib gouache markers
  • Paint brushes: a fine brush and a flat brush
  • A pencil
  • Blank puzzles to draw on

Difficulty Level : 

  •  Drying time: 5 minutes for each coat of paint

  • Time to make: 1 hour per puzzle
  • Difficulty: medium – from 7 years old and up

  • Use the pencil to draw the body and wings of your first butterfly on a blank puzzle.

  • Paint the head, body, wings and antennae of your butterfly in a variety of colours. Here, we've used shades of turquoise. 
  • Leave to dry.

  • Paint the background of your puzzle in a contrasting colour. Choose the complementary colour to that which you have chosen for your butterfly: If your butterfly is blue, the complementary colour is orange. 
  • Leave to dry well.

  • Using a fine brush, paint details on to your butterfly. Stick with shades of blue but add drops of white or black to your base colours to darken or lighten them. 

  • In the same way, paint details on the background. Here we're painted salmon-coloured leaves on the orange background.
  •  Leave to dry well.

  • Add and strengthen the details using the Skrib markers: Draw the eyes in black with a white dot, use blue for spots and lines, and paint the outline of the wings, body, antennae and leaves in orange.

  • Make other butterfly puzzles while playing with the idea of complementary colours: a yellow butterfly on a purple background, or maybe a red butterfly on a green background. 

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