A triptych of flower paintings made with powder gouache


" Make your own gouache finger paints and create these pretty little flower paintings!"


  • Sachets of powder gouache
  • Water
  • Cups to mix your paints
  • Measuring spoon
  • 10 x 10 cm canvas panels 
  • Sheets of thick white paper for your rough designs
Level of difficulty : 

  • Drying time: 20 minutes for the canvas backgrounds, then 20 minutes to complete the finished paintings  

  • Time to make: 30 minutes per painting 
  • Difficulty: medium - age 3 and up  

Make your gouache finger paints: 
  • In each jar, mix 2 spoonfuls of coloured gouache powder with 2 spoonfuls of water. Close the jar tightly. 
  • Shake well for 30 seconds so that everything mixes together.  
  • Let stand for 3 minutes. 
  • Shake for another 30 seconds. Your finger paint is now ready. 

  • Make as many pots with as many different colours as you want.

    Before you start painting on your canvas, practice on a sheet of paper. 
    • How to paint a daisy in 3 steps: 
    • Paint a yellow dot for the centre by making a mark with your finger.
    • Create the petals by drawing a comma shape with your finger.
    • Use this method to surround the centre with petals. 

    To  paint a buttercup:
    • Paint a yellow dot for the centre by making a mark with your finger.
    • Draw the first petals in a circle around the centre by drawing small curved lines. 
    • Change colour, and paint more petals all around to make the flower bigger, little by little.
    • Finish with the petals around the edge. You could layer the colours of the petals so that they blend together. 

    To paint the foliage: 
    • To create a leaf, draw the leaf outline with green paint and then fill it in.
    • To create a leafy branch, use your finger to draw several small leaves in the shape of commas, one behind the other. Draw the same small leaves on the other side of the branch. Finish by adding a small leaf at the top of the branch. 

    Now move on to creating your triptych of flower paintings:
    • Paint the 3 canvas backgrounds:  either plain or using colour gradients.

    • On your first background, paint a field of buttercups. 

    • On the second canvas, draw some foliage then stylise some small flowers by adding a few dots of finger paint and then placing the yellow centre overtop.

    • On the final canvas, paint a field of multi-coloured daisies.

    • Let the paintings dry fully, then attach a hook to the back to display them however you like, either in triptych format or separately!