Candles with dried flowers


"Create poetic, country-style candles by colouring dried flowers with Colorex inks and setting them in scented wax. 

Materials  : 

  • Jade Colorex ink
  • Turkish Red Colorex ink 
  • Saffron Colorex Ink
  • Gédéo candle kit

         Level of difficulty : 

        • Medium
        • Completion time (without drying time): 2 hours




        • Carefully select untinted dried flowers in white or light colours
        • To colour them: For the raised flowers, put then in a pot with Colorex ink; for the flat flowers, arrange them in plastic pockets with Colorex ink before placing a flat object on top of each pocket to ensure that the flowers remain flat.

        • Let the colour set for at least 20 minutes

        • Drain the flowers

        • Leave to dry (ideally overnight). Some of the flowers will close when being coloured and then reopen when dry

        • Melt the wax in a bain-marie

        • Add a few drops of essential oil to scent the candle

        • At the bottom of the candle container, fix the wick in place by adding a little wax to its base
        • Pour 3/4 of the candle wax into the container

        • Leave to cool for 5 minutes and then arrange the flowers by gently placing them in the wax 
        • Reheat the rest of the wax and pour a thin layer overtop to fix the flowers in the wax

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