Mail-Art: holidays


Now all you have to do is slip your original postcards into an envelope and send these holiday memories to your loved ones. 

Step 1:

  • Print out your holiday photos and have fun personalising them using the Skrib markers.
  • Add flowers, hearts and stars to your photos!

 Step 2:

You could also draw your favourite animals on your photos!

Step 3:

Use the photos to tell stories by adding speech bubbles like you see in your favourite comics. 

Level of difficulty : 

  • Drying time: almost instantaneous
  • Completion time: between 5 min and 20 min per card depending on the designs
  • Difficulty: easy - From 4 years old 


  • Skrib acrylic markers in lots of colours
  • your holiday photos printed in postcard format (photo credits © Unsplash / Annie Spratt, Kelly Sikkema, Caroline Hernandez, Tanya Dusett, Terricks Noah and Charlein Gracia
  • envelopes and stamps