Create upcycled vases


"Make a nature-friendly gesture with these original upcycled vases"

  • Tins in varying sizes
  • DECO SPRAY 200 ML: 852 neon pink / 819 turquoise / 820 pastel green / 816 sky blue / 815 pastel 
  • Purple ACRYLIC MARKER 1.2 mm tip: 401 white / 422 emerald green / 416 turquoise / 443 neon pink
  • Repositionable tape
  • Kraft paper or newspaper to protect your work area

  •  The tins should be thoroughly cleaned and free of grease so that the paint will adhere properly.

  • Use repositionable tape to mark out the space where you wish to paint your first colour, and then block out the rest of the tin with paper. Spray two fine coats of Deco Spray paint, allowing the paint to dry between layers, then carefully remove the tape and the paper.

  • Use this same technique to mark out your design and spray paint your second colour. Continue like this with all of your colours and on all of your tins.

  •  Use the Acrylic Markers to draw irregular stripes in contrasting colours. Leave to dry and, if necessary for certain colours, apply a second coat to really bring out the colour.


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