Cute cones to collect your Easter Eggs


"Remember to make one for each member of your family too! "

Materials : 
  • Skrib gouache markers
  • A sheet of thick white paper
  • Scissors
  • Liquid glue

  • Download the template for the cone and the bunny ears (LINK TO PDF TEMPLATE).
  •  Print it on a sheet of thick white paper. Cut the three parts out. 

  • Draw the bunny’s eyes, muzzle and whiskers in the centre of the cone like in the photo.
  • Colour the inner part of the ears in pink. 

  • Roll up your cone to make the bunny’s head. Secure it by sticking the flap down. Stick the ears on top of the head at the back using your glue. 
  • Slide a piece of tissue paper inside your cone and fill it up with all your Easter eggs! 

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