A magical egg garland!


"Slot the eggs on to the long piece of string or ribbon. Now you have a beautiful garland ready to decorate your home for Easter! "

Materials : 

  • Some sheets of thick white paper
  • Alittle piece of cardboard
  • Yubes of Acrycolor paint
  • A pot of pouring medium
  • Some glass pots 
  • Some lolly sticks
  • scissors
  • A hole punch
  • A long ribbon or piece of string

  • Choose your favourite acrylic colours and pour each one into a separate glass pot.
  •  You can use the colour straight from the tube or mix two or more together in the pot. 
  • Add pouring medium to each pot and mix well using the lolly sticks.

  • Carefully pour all the colours, one by one, into one pot, but don’t stir the colours with the lolly sticks!
  •  Let them “overlap” one another in the pot.

  • Pour the mixture onto your sheet of paper starting at the centre then slowly letting the mixture spread little by little. 
  • Watch the patterns emerge using the colours that you chose!

  •  Once you have poured all of the paint on the paper, it’s time to have fun! Tilt the paper around so that the paint mixture fills the whole sheet and makes “marble patterns” with all the different colours. 
  • You can make lots of different designs by using different-coloured acrylic paints to create the marble effect!

  •  Once your paintings are dry, draw egg shapes on the other side of the page using a template made from the piece of cardboard.
  •  Cut the eggs out. Punch a hole at the top of each egg with the hole punch.

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