Poetry filled tracksuit bottoms


Align body and mind by creating a poetic pair of tracksuit bottoms! Pens and brushes at the ready!

Materials : 

  •  Setacolor Opaque Buttercup
  • Setacolor Opaque White
  •  Setacolor 3D White and Yellow Gold
  •  7A White Marker
  • Pencil + piece of paper
  • Cardboard + Scotch tape + Scissors
  • Tracksuit bottoms

Level of difficulty : 
  • Medium 
  • Time of realization : 1h30
  • Drying time : 2h ( 1h in front - 1h behind)

  • Create a small sketch with the inspiration for the design for your tracksuit bottoms.

  • Slip the cardboard inside the tracksuit bottoms under the areas you're going to paint.
  • Tape the tracksuit bottoms to the table.

  • Start by drawing a yellow circle to create the centre of the flower.

  • Using the Pébéo 7A White marker, draw the outlines of the petals and then fill in with the Setacolor Opaque paint.

  • Draw the outline of the bird with the 7A marker, fill in some of the shapes with white Opaque paint and then add detail with Setacolor 3D to create relief and texture.

  • Draw the shape of the face with a thin brush and Setacolor Opaque paint.
  • Draw the inside of the eye with the yellow paint.

  • Write a few lines of poetry with the Setacolor 3D marker...
  • Début your new artistic tracksuit bottoms!

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