Floral denim jacket


Bring life and style to your denim jacket with Setacolor paints.

 Materials :

  • Setacolor suede effect paint

  • Setacolor 3D paint
  • 1 piece of card to protect the back
  • wide, flat brush
  • fine brush
Difficulty Level : 

  • Easy 
  • time of realization : 3h 
  • drying time : Give life and style to your jeans jacket with Setacolor paints.

  • Create a small sketch inspiring the design for your jacket.


  • Slip the cardboard inside the jacket, under the areas you're going to paint. 

  • Paint the coloured shapes with SETACOLOR SUEDE EFFECT paint on the front, back and sleeves of the jacket. Apply two coats if needed. 


  •  Use a wide, flat brush to paint the shape and a thin brush to paint the outlines.

  • Follow the recommended drying time.


  • With the SETACOLOR 3D, draw flowers on the coloured shapes or offset to give depth.


  • Follow the recommended drying time. 

  • Iron the jacket inside out to set the paint


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